About us

Coronavirus Makers was born from the initiative of the maker community (makers) to put their creative capacity at the service of healthcare personnel (among others), in an altruistic and non-profitable manner.

The initiative arose as a result of the current health crisis generated by the arrival of COVID-19 in our territory. The maker community has started, at the state level, a citizen network of volunteers who put their technological knowledge and resources at the disposal of this cause. Also, to alleviate the health needs derived from the scarcity of resources that is occurring in hospitals and health centers.

The maker community has decided to organize itself to complement this supply through the printing of Individual Protective Equipment (respiratory and eye protection) with 3D printers.

What do we do?

Following the events of March 13, after the state of alarm for the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, a group of people of different profiles and with extensive experience in medicine, biotechnology, 3D printing, industrial design, among other disciplines , and mostly makers, altruistically decided to create a Telegram group called “Coronavirus makers” and a website to co-create medical and protective devices with 3D technology and other solutions.

How do we do it?

The production process of this protective equipment begins with the interaction between doctors, makers and designers. As a result of this cooperation, functional models emerge for each of the protection devices (masks, protection screens and glasses so far).

Once these designs are validated by the community and by the Institut d’Investigació i Innovació Parc Taulí, , they are released to the territorial groups, from where validated plans can be download and can start being printed for later distribution.

To manage the entire process, we have a national coordination group that brings together the research references, maps the action groups and distributes the tasks. We collaborate with security forces, hospitals, industrial factories, universities, and many other public and private sectors (always non-profit).

The community's power

More than 13,000 volunteers

3D print

Cheap and fast production

Great social power

Created by people for people

Proximity - Km0

Use of local resources and territorial division

From the maker community we are in charge of designing, producing and distributing all this protective equipment to hospitals and health centers that are out of stock

These tasks, of course, would not be possible without the collaboration of a multiplicity of agents and volunteers who act from all areas (health, engineers, logistics, communicators, transporters, security forces …)

So far, masks, visors and door handles are being produced. We are currently developing new protection devices and improving existing models.